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Fairy Castle

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More about Colleen Moore and her Fairy Castle
Colleen Moore

Have you ever been to the Museum Of Science And Industry in Chicago? Have you ever seen the exhibit "Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle." This permanent exhibit is my second favorite exhibit at this Museum. (The first favorite is the German U-boat--which was recently (June, 2006) moved from outdoors into a new exhibit building.) This Fairy Castle was the culmination of Colleen Moore's fascination with doll houses. She had had several previous doll houses, but this one was the grandest of all. I don't know of any other doll house that can match the grandeur of this one--it is fantastic! Miss Moore toured the nation with this "doll house" during the 1930s, and raised a lot of money for children's charities. But, in 1939, she was convinced to donate her doll house to the Museum. It has been at the Museum ever since its arrival, inside a glass, climate controled room.

The Museum's web site has more information on the Fairy Castle, but it's pictures are a bit small, and it is hard to make out much detail. Here, I have some much larger pictures so that you you can see much more detail in the furnishings and design of the Fairy Castle. My small pictures are about the same size as the pictures on the Museum's web site (about 360 by 266 pixels), but if you click on my pictures, you will get much larger versions of my pictures, usually about 2000 by 1500 pixels. Unfortunately, I do not have versions of all the 13 pictures that the Museum's web site has--I have pictures of only 10 of the rooms that are on the Museum's web site. As it is difficult to use flash when taking pictures through glass, you will notice some fog on some of the pictures--sorry 'bout that. Also, I have decided to include the text that accompanies the pictures from the Museum's site. If you ever get to go to the Museum to see the Fairy Castle in person, you will also be able to listen to Colleen Moore's own voice as she describes each room.

Click on these small pictures to see the larger versions.

This is Colleen Moore and this is my Fairy Castle.

Come along with me on a trip to Fairyland. In order to go on this trip, you have to pretend that you are only 5 inches tall, so that you can walk through the rooms.

Fairy Castle Kitchen

We will start in the kitchen. Over the door are the 3 Little Pigs, and to the right, Jack and Jill tumbling down the hill. The copper stove in the back of the room is the stove in which the wicked witch locked Hansel and Gretel.

The set of china on the table has the Queen of England's crest on it. This is Royal Doulton china, and two sets were made, one for the Queen of England's doll house, and the other for my fairy castle.

Fairy Castle Dining Room

The next room is the dining room with King Arthur's round table in the center. Beside the gold plates are wee knives and forks, also of gold. The glasses are crystal and most of them are over a hundred years old. The tapestries on the wall, which are needlepoint made in Vienna, are the smallest stitches that have ever been stitched. You can barely see them, even under a magnifying glass.