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Hello. Welcome to my web site. I am using this mostly as an outlet for my genealogical research. But, I also decided to use it as an outlet for some other things. For example, the link to "Amy's Nail Spa" will take you to some pages that I have set aside for my sister's business. At "FFN" (Family, Friends, And Neighbors) I will try to spotlight some person or event. Sometimes I will have something that I no longer want, and I want to get rid of it, but it is not broken or has anything else wrong with it (or, maybe it does!), so I will have it listed under the "For Sale" link. I also would like to express my like (or, maybe dislike) for some well known (or, perhaps little known or unknown) personality or event or subject. Currently, I have a link to some pages about one of my favorite television personalities, Vivian Vance, at "PPE" (People, Places, And Events). And, finally and leastly, some pages "About Me," where I presently have a collection of pictures for your perusal. I can only hope that your are not too bored with what is collected within these pages. My understanding of HTML and Style Sheets is somewhat limited and anything Javascript related is pretty much beyond me at this time and its use on this site has been borrowed from other web sites, so don't expect any fancy Java oriented, Flash or Shockwave enabled hocus pocus. Just some simple displays.

If you want to return to this page, look for the "Jowaha" symbol near the top left corner of the page (it is on the top right corner of this page), or look for the word "Jowaha" at the bottom of the page, and click on it. (This may not appear on every page.)

Thank you for stopping by.

John Hamilton

P.S. This is still a work in progress and all links may not be operational. You can help me out: if you find a link that is not working, send me an e-mail.

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